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The "Survive The Hunt" challenge is one of the most popular on the FailRace channel. Each video gains around 100,000 views and involves James trying to survive for as long as possible whilst a large number of players "hunt" him. The idea originated on Grand Theft Auto V, and most of the videos have been on this game, though there have been variants done with Forza Horizon IV, including a variant in which Alex is the hunter (these are titled "Hunt the Survivors").

Since April 2019, Alex has made this game mode a monthly event. He has also added "Discussing Survive the Hunt" episodes, usually uploaded a few days afterwards, in which he recaps the event including chat from the hunters and often a map recorded by a player who did not otherwise take part in the hunt. Since 2020, several of the regular hunters have begun posting their own versions of the episodes showing the hunt from their perspective.

Most of the GTA Online-based episodes begin at the Terminal docks in the far southeast corner of San Andreas, though occasional episodes have started elsewhere, such as on a yacht, in a parking garage, or in the air. There has also been a "No Limits" variant of the game in which rules on weapons and vehicles for the hunters (see below) were lifted, resulting in tanks, ramp trucks and fighter aircraft being used.

A related GTA game mode is "Gone in 48 Minutes" in which Alex is tasked with stealing a number of target vehicles and taking them to the Terminal docks, with other players assigned to protect the vehicles. Unlike Survive the Hunt, they may only engage Alex after he steals one of the cars.


  • Every single player in the game has to have their HUD (map) turned off - to avoid cheating and to make the game as exciting and as enjoyable as possible.
  • Because of the complexity of this game, Alex is not allowed to leave the city, though he is allowed to enter the lower portion of the Vinewood Hills.
  • Hunters are not allowed to pick cars that they cannot edit in Los Santos Customs, and non-lethal air units are able to be used by both teams (though Alex rarely does so).
  • Alex can pick any natural spawned vehicle.
  • A new rule introduced in 2021 allows Alex to use upgraded vehicles with the understanding that, if he is detected using one, the hunters are now free to likewise upgrade their vehicles.
  • Hunters usually must wait 2 minutes before setting out to find Alex.
  • Nobody can shoot from inside their cars. Instead, hunters must get out of their vehicles if they wish to shoot.
  • Alex has access to all weapons while hunters are restricted to handguns, shotguns, and occasionally SMGs.
  • Travel on foot is allowed.
  • Alex must survive 24 in-game hours (which equates to 45-50 minutes).
  • He has sometimes come up with "mini-challenges" that he must complete along the way whilst he is being hunted down. The most common of these is to attempt to destroy a number of player-owned Dilettante cars (nicknamed a Pri due to it being based on the real-life Prius) parked around the map. (Upon destruction of the car, the hunter who owns the vehicle is usually notified, providing a clue as to Alex's location). Originally, Alex did not know where the Pris were parked and had to rely on luck and observation, but in recent instalments he has been given the general location of each car.
  • Some rules have been abandoned over time. For example, a few episodes included one hunter dubbed the "Golden Snitch" who would drive randomly around the city and didn't attempt to chase Alex; instead, if Alex was able to find and destroy that vehicle, he would instantly win the hunt. It was dropped due to Alex hardly ever seeing the target car, much less having an opportunity to pursue and destroy it.

GTA Videos[]

# Video Uploaded
1 Survive the Hunt 8 November 2014
- Survive the Hunt (XB1) 31 January 2015
2 Survive the Hunt 2 14 March 2015
3 Survive the Hunt 3 22 August 2015
4 Survive the Hunt 4 2 September 2016
5 Special Present Delivery Survive the Hunt 25 December 2016
6 Survive the Hunt 6 9 July 2017
7 Survive the Hunt - Incognito Blista 18 November 2017
8 Survive the Hunt #8 18 January 2019
9 Survive the Hunt #9 23 February 2019
10 Survive the Hunt #10 5 April 2019
11 Survive the Hunt #11 1 May 2019
12 Survive the Hunt #12 1 June 2019
13 Survive the Hunt 13 1 July 2019
14 Survive the Hunt 14 1 August 2019
15 Survive the Hunt #15 1 September 2019
16 Survive the Hunt #16 (Ft. Hat Films) 1 October 2019
17 Survive the Hunt #17 1 November 2019
18 Survive the Hunt 18 1 December 2019
19 Survive the Hunt 19 1 January 2020
20 Survive the Hunt 20 1 February 2020
21 Survive the Hunt #21 1 March 2020
- Survive the Hunt No Limits 1 April 2020
22 Survive the Hunt #22 1 May 2020