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Ryan Mawson, also known as "Husky", is one of the original three members of FailRace, before he departed in 2015. He currently resides in Bradford. He never officially revealed his face on camera on the channel, although a few photos have been extracted from various sites.


Husky met Alex and Daniel on the FailRace forums. He took part in numerous "Vs. the Community" challenges and when Alex decided that they needed another person's viewpoint for GTA 5 challenges, Husky seemed the appropriate person since he had all of the right camera/recording equipment, thus sparking his full introduction to the original FailRace group.

An ... unexpected photograph of "Husky".


Not a lot is known about Husky. According to Twitter, he is a large fan of Volvo's and has a (part-time?) job dressed up as a "furry" - something else which he clearly has a large interest in. The furry fandom is a subculture interested in fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics. Only one photo of Husky has been found, on his Twitter account (see right) Husky then left the team during 2015 without any word to fans and Alex ceased to mention him along with Dan. During Alex's 100,000 Subscriber Q and A he mentioned he had talked to Husky. He also talked briefly of Husky's Volvo Crash, Husky's twitter post on his crash can be seen on his Twitter (Link Below)  


Husky was coined the third member of the FailRace team and was well received by fans but disappeared along with Daniel in early-2015. It was revealed by Alex in the "100,000 Subscriber Q&A" that the two never "officially" left the group. Alex claimed he grew tired of "nagging" Daniel and Husky to participate in recordings so he "gave up".

During early 2016, however, Husky made a few appearances in "vs. the Community" events and teamed up with Alex in a Forza 6 game of "Cat and Mouse" where he provided a recording of his own point of view as in their previous videos.

On 2 January 2017, he uploaded a video to his own YouTube channel explaining his absence and stating that he would be ready to return to FailRace. Then, on January 14, he appeared alongside Alex in a Blizzard Mountain 5 Minute Car Build. Both presenters indicated that Husky's participation in Failrace would continue. It didn't last particularly long.

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