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Daniel Handover was the youngest member of FailRace. He was born on 3 April 1997.

Daniel in real life

With FailRace[]

Daniel - along with Alex - was a founder and original member of the group in 2011. He remained for 4 years until he couldn't keep the commitment up any longer. He was commonly picked up on for his poor in-game driving skills and bad sense of direction (much like James May of Top Gear).

Daniel's "real-life" driving test was notable during his time in the group. Alex and Husky often referenced it when he was demonstrating poor abilities and was even given a "lesson" by Alex in Grand Theft Auto V in mid-2014. Daniel also created the outro music for FailRace and plays the guitar in a band called Point of Reason.

Daniel was just 14 years old when he started FailRace.

After FailRace[]

For personal reasons and "time getting in the way", Daniel decided to silently leave the FailRace group in early-2015. Although an official announcement has never been made, Daniel confimed this reasoning in a video he uploaded to his new, personal YouTube channel (HoonlandGaming) in March 2015.

Daniel created this channel because he thought it would be easier and less stressful for him. He was able to upload videos whenever he wanted and - as of May 2015 - has created two. This channel is not well-known and has not been promoted or mentioned anywhere by Alex so, because of this, he unfortunately has a very small number of subscribers.

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